TSA to answer to Congress

Finally!  Some common sense!  After a Sacramento pilot embarrassed the TSA by showing holes in its security plan, Representative Chaffetz (R-Utah) has called the TSA to answer questions regarding security saying, “We’re spending millions of dollars on technology, but we’re not doing the basics.”  Chaffetz, who will chair the subcommittee on National Security, Homeland Defense and Foreign Operations also said, “We’ve got to be doing the basics to secure the airlines.”

It is most likely that he is only saying this because of the massive publicity that was generated when a Sacramento pilot, now identified as Chris Liu released embarrassing videos that he recorded on his cellular phone camera.  He shows how pilots and aircrews are screened but maintenance workers and baggage handlers merely swipe a card to gain access to aircraft.

Any terrorist with a gun could knock our or kill a baggage handler, take his card and put a bomb on an airplane.  That Liu pointed out this obvious hole in security, he was punished by the Federal Government with the revocation of his deputization, his firearms permit and they even confiscated his gun!

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1 Response to TSA to answer to Congress

  1. Nathan Moran says:

    You know that this is going to be a farse….there will not be any real grilling of the TSA. All questions will be prepared in advance, and approved by the TSA (as well as the executive branch). Any Congressman that decides to ask a serious question will receive harsh treatment from others….and since noone has any balls anymore on Capitol Hill, well, you get the picture. Same ol’ same ol’….

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