Pilot punished for exposing TSA

You may have already heard about this story as it has been all over the news for the last few days.  What I find most important about this story is not that the pilot exposed the weaknesses in the TSA and FAA’s security – a 9-year-old with average intelligence could have figured all of that out.  What is most disturbing about this case is how the TSA and Federal Government have handled the issue.

I like the CEO’s take on the TSA in this video, “You have to do what we tell you,” and “we know better than you.”

Rather than take the embarrassment and fix the problem, the Federal Government instead retaliated against the pilot by stripping him of his right to carry a firearm as a Pilot Marshal and then relieved him of his state issued weapon permit.  That the Federal Government would act in such a capricious manner should be upsetting to us all.  Is this Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany where dissent is not tolerated?  When you speak out about injustice, unfairness or Government waste, abuse or negligence, you should not fear retaliation from your government.

I am quite surprised that more political leaders have not called for an investigation into this matter.

The latest reports indicate that Federal Agents have raided the home of the Sacramento pilot.  I cannot believe that in this day police can raid your house because you spoke out about government ineptness.  But then again, in a 2 to 1 margin, most of you believe that x-ray virtual strip searches are warranted even though it has been proven that the machines don’t work.  Year by year we are being conditioned to accept any manner of civil violation so long as it is in the name of “security.”  It’s a bunch of hogwash: security and civil rights violations are not synonymous.

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