rape victim arrested by TSA

According to TSA guidlines any passenger who fails a metal detector test will be sent through the back-scatter x-ray machine.  This is the virtual strip search machine that can look right through your clothes and see your genitalia.  If you opt out of the x-ray strip search you will be subjected to a very thorough “pat-down” search that can includes the touching of women’s breats, men and women’s buttocks and genitalia.  TSA officers can even reach inside your underwear and touch your most private of parts.


When a computer malfunction caused the lines at the airport to back up and many missed their flights.  Claire Hirschkind, age 56 was one of the first to the security checkpoint.  She said that she could not go through the backscatter machine becasue she wears a pace maker.  TSA officials told her that she would have to get a “pat down” and she agreed so long as her breasts were not touched.  TSA officers said that they would touch her breasts and when Hirschkind refused to comply she was arrested.  She says that the police pushed her to the ground, handcuffed her and then dragged her across the airport ground while she cried.

This seems to be against TSA policy of banning you from the airport and subjecting you to a civil penalty (a fine).

According to KVUE news, “An ABIA spokesman says it is TSA policy that anyone activating a security alarm has two options.  One is to opt out and not fly, and the other option is to subject themselves to an enhanced pat down.  Hirschkind refused both and was arrested.”

Hirschkind refused the “enhanced” pat-down because she says that she is a rape survivor and it is too traumatic for her.

I can only imagine what our society has come to that we will allow security guards to feel our genitals or else look at us naked even though these same guards can’t catch 90% of guns and bomb parts in the baggage x-ray machine.

Remember, when you give the government power over some part of your life, you’ll never give it back.  We have become so frightened by the spectre of terrorism that we are willing to allow our civil rights be violated.  I’m all for safety but if the technology doesn’t work, why do it?  This TSA madness isn’t about safety, its about government control.

Why do you think that the TSA makes the pat-downs so uncomfortable?  In this way, like cattle, the American people will herd themselves into these x-ray machines and in no time we will find them everywhere.  At what point does our civil liberty end and the government’s power begin?  We are the government; think about that before you give away your freedom.

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