email from a visitor

I received this email from a visitor, John G., in California.  He wanted to share his experience(s) with the TSA. I am posting his email (in its entirety without editing) below.

Reading his email was quite humorous, until I thought about the implications to our liberty.  It was then that I realized that we are being subjected to an increasing intrusive form of government:

True story,

A week ago my bosses friend was going thru security check point corpus christie TX. They have the new body scanner. TSA stopped him after the scan and told him he had a large anomaly in his groin area. They proceeded to have him remove his trousers and then swabbed his area to test for explosive maybe a stick of dynamite. This gentlemen should be proud since he is so large TSA even needed to take a look.

Oh and by the way on my recent trip to Dallas this week. TSA was searching an 80 year old war veteran in a wheel chair. Next time I will try to get video of this.

Heavy set middle aged women heavily perfumed never get searched from what I have seen.

I do a lot of flying now maybe 8 flights a month.

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