Just walk onto the runway…

Just when I think that the TSA couldn’t get more incompetent, I read a story like this one.  Fox Charlotte News has reported the death of a 16-year-old boy whose mutilated body was found near the town of Milton.  How did he die?  He fell out of an airplane.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The boy fell out of the sky.

It seems that while the TSA was groping legitimate passengers, virtually strip searching old ladies and harassing paying customers, this young man jumped a fence and just walked up to a waiting airplane and climbed into the landing gear bay.  He stowed away and likely died when the wheels closed into the belly of the airplane and was probably crushed to death.  When the airplane was approaching its destination airport and the wheels opened, he fell out.

Now, if a 16-year-old boy without malicious intent can put himself into the wheel well of an airplane, what about a terrorist with a bomb?  While the TSA, FAA and Federal Government spend hundreds of millions of dollars on backscatter x-ray machines that don’t even work, terrorists can walk right around the security check points with ease.

Perhaps the TSA needs to focus on actual terrorist threats instead of harassing the people?  Perhaps it is time to reform or abolish the TSA?

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