Twist your nipple!

The Associated Press reported that a woman was forced to remove her nipple piercings by TSA officers after the piercings set off metal detectors.  The woman, Mandi Hamlin had told the TSA officers that she had nipple piercings and even offered to disrobe in a private room to show them to a female TSA officer.  The TSA officer called male supervisors who insisted that Hamlin remove the piercings.

There was only one problem, the piercings were not easily removed and she had to borrow a pair of pliers to remove them.

I’ve said again and again that the TSA has hired people with no common sense and then sets rules that are so draconian that the agents have no latitude to exercise common sense.  It seems that the TSA system is just broken.

In other cases, the TSA made a 71-year-old man’s pants to drop in full view of the public and have groped other passengers in front of other passengers.  I once passed through some tough screening after arriving in England on a ferry boat from Ireland.  In the English ferry terminal, anyone who was required to be patted down was taken behind a curtained room much akin to a dressing room at a clothing store.  The TSA feels up thousands of passengers each day and as it continues to happen, we grow accustomed to it and bit by bit, more of our freedoms and civil liberties are stripped away.

This video highlights all three of these cases and exposes how little common sense the TSA and its agents have shown in recent days.  Before it highlights the incidents with the girl cancer patient who is frisked and the 71-year-old man who is stripped to his underwear in public, the video shows how DC cops slam a woman to the ground after TSA agents gave her a hard time about contact eye solution.

Has America really come to this?  Are we no better than this?

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