Playboy Playmate felt up by TSA

Well, it seems that even the famous are not immune from the TSA’s spying tactics as Playboy hottie Donna D’Errico recently found out when she was recently scanned by a TSA backscatter x-ray machine.

Donna says that when TSA agents saw her coming through the security line she was singled out due to her notoriety.  She also claims that she was never given the option of a pat-down instead of the revealing x-ray that could see right through her clothing.

Donna also said, “I must have overlooked the clause in both my Playboy and ‘Baywatch’ contracts stating that once appearing in that magazine, or on that show, I would forever be subject to being seen naked live and in person by anyone, at anytime, under any conditions, whether I agree to it or not, and for free.”  Specifically, she says that the TSA singled her out to “check her out,” and added that “”It isn’t right to hide behind the veil of security and safety in order to take advantage of women, or even men for that matter, so that you can see them naked. It’s a misuse of power and authority, and as much a personal violation as a Peeping Tom.”

Three cheers for TSA as they continue to erode our civil rights!  I selected one of Donna’s photos (below) that shows her patriotism for the TSA and the Federal Government’s assault on our liberties.

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