TSA idiots!

When I first saw this video I was thinking that this was a novel way to get through the TSA security lanes faster.  The man in the video has a metal hip and sets off the metal detector every time he flies requiring a “pat down” search.  Growing weary of having other men touch his twig and berries, he decided to pass through the security lane in a pair of Speedo underwear.

After he sets off the metal detector, he shows the TSA agents the massive scar on the side of his leg where his metal hip was inserted.  The TSA agents response?  The man must exit security, put his clothes back on and then re-screen.

SAY WHAT?  He’s almost naked!  How does putting his clothes back on make their search easier?

I suspect that it is something else.  TSA management wants us to bend to their will and become accustomed to these searches.  If people walk through in their underwear, it highlights what a stupid policy the TSA has with its groping searches and revealing backscatter x-ray machines that show genitalia and breasts.

I suspect that the TSA will begin requiring all bikini and brief wearing passengers to wear more clothing in an effort to normalize this process of stripping us of our liberties and privacy.

I’d say it’s about time to insist on some management changes at the TSA.  Perhaps the injection of some common sense is in order!

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